Let's Introducing about Narcotics

Narcotic drugs are opium and pain-killing drugs made from opium, such as heroin, morphine, paregoric, and codeine. Synthetic drugs such as Demerol and Dolophine are classified as narcotics. Cocaine and marijuana are not chemically narcotic but are legally classified as such.
When the abuser of a narcotic is addicted, his body requires repeated and larger doses of the drug. This happens because the body develops a tolerance for the drug and requires more of it to achieve the same "high" as the first shot of the drug gave the abuser. Psychological dependence is addiction where in the drug becomes a habit for emotional reasons.
the first reaction to heroin is a reduction of tension, easing of fears, and relief from worry. feeling "high" may be followed by a period of inactivity bordering on stupor. The drug depresses certain areas of the brain and may reduce hunger, thirst, and the sex drive. The drug may also reduce feelings of pain. the effects of the drug are influenced by the user's personality, the size and frequency of the dose, and how the drug is taken.
Many addicts state that getting a continued supply of their drug is the main object of their lives. Concentration on obtaining it prevents the addict from continuing either his education or his job. his health is often affected, and statistics indicate that his life span may be shortened by fifteen to twenty years. He is often in trouble with his family, society, and the law.
Medical authorities agree that the addict needs treatment for physical addiction and withdrawal sickness. following this treatment, he needs rehabilitation work to prevent a return to addiction. Because the rebuilding of a life requires many services and special programs, the Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1966 gives certain addicts a choice of treatment instead of neglect. The law also provides that a complete range of rehabilitation services be made available to narcotic addicts in their own communities.

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Visiting Borobudur Temple

Have you ever visiting Borobudur temple? You must be know what is Borobudur temple, the biggest and beautiful monument in Indonesia.
I have visited Borobudur temple several times and I will tell little about this temple.
Borobudur temple is located in Magelang regency, Central Java province. It is about 95 km away from Semarang, and about 42 km from Yogyakarta. Borobudur resembles a hill designed and constructed of stone in the midst of natural mountain range. The ground that Borobudur located is famous for its fertility, so that many of people of this region work as farmers.
Borobudur have 1460 reliefs and 504 statues. It was built by King Samaratungga one of the ancient Mataram King. Borobudur temples have 10 stages, its height is about 42 meters before renovation and now after renovation its height is about 34.5 meters because the lowest terrace is used as supporting base.
Borobudur is surrounding by Menoreh mountain, which streches from east to west, forming the boundary between Magelang and Yogyakarta. The top of the Menoreh range on the southern flank, when observed from the temple, resembles the nose, lips, and chin of a supine figure. According to a folk tale, the man reclining there on the peak of the Menoreh Mountain is believed to be Gunadharma, the architect of the temple, who has been watching over his creation throughout centuries. borobudur and its surroundings create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and security. It can be visited throughout the year and is easily accessible by public transportation, It is near Borobudur bus station just about 200 meters.
The temple is located within the area of Borobudur tourist park. the park has an area of eighty five hectares to accomodate the growing number of tourist and to perpetuate the green natural surroundings of Borobudur temple. It was officially opened by President Soeharto on February 23, 1983. It comprises not only a wide grassy area, but also the shade trees and decorative plants. It is also provided with general public facilities, namely parking lot, souvenir shops, eating stands, and also rest rooms.