How to Avoid Waiting Then Do Something

Are you a type of person who prefers to wait in accomplishing your needs than do something? Now you have to leave that bad habit because waiting can give bad influence to your live. Therefore this article will discuss about avoiding waiting and how to start to do something.

Waiting seems to be an activity that doe snot need big effort to do. However, waiting for someone else to fulfill your needs is somewhat risky since there will be possibility that you can wait forever and never get what you want. Thus, what you should do is to make your own effort to fulfill your needs.
Moreover, giving something to others is also better than just waiting for someone gives you something. For instances, if you want to get attention from your partner, you can start to give attention to your partner than just wait until he/she gives you attention. It is to show that you care with him/her. Just by asking, for example, how do he/she feels now, how his/her day went, or any other question. It can show you that you are really interested with anything he/she is experienced. Thus, your partner will feel that you pay special attention to him/her, so he/she will return attention to you as well.

Additionally, if you want someone to listen to you, what you should do is to try to listen to someone else. Sometimes you find your partner has serious problem and needs someone to share, and then you can be a good person to be shared. Also, you have to listen carefully about the problems so that your partner will feel that you are sincere to listen about what she/he is talking about. Therefore, your partner will also listen to you when you need to be heard.

Those are some great ways to avoid waiting. If you want to get what you want, you have to do something to get it, Thus, instead of giving you satisfaction, you will also be less dependent on others. So start to do more effort to acquire anything you desire and do not just waiting.


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