Struggle to Reach Your Goals

Some people believe you have to struggle and endure hard times to reach their goal. If you buy into this believe then certainly this is the only way you will reach your goals.

If you believe you can work smartly and can achieve your goals easily and happily - then this will be your experience. It's often how we responds to life that counts.

Pretty much we all go through similar life experiences. But one differentiates one person from the next is how easily they adapt and take on new challenges.
For some people the process of personal growth is painful and a true struggle. For others it is wonderful blessing.
If you are not living the life you know, you are deserving of living. It is often because you are not allowing it to happen to you. All you have to do is say yes to what you want and it will appear.

This is a safe world and you are always looked after. Do you believe this? or scoff at it? Either way whatever you believe becomes your live experience. You are always right.

But do you want to be right or think more happy thoughts so you can live a happier life? Or are you content to say, "Life's a bitch" and than attract a bitchy circumstances into your life just so you say that you are right?

It really is up to you. If you are sick of battling through life, choose a different path if what you are currently doing is not giving you the result you would like.

Don't be like a fly who keeping banging their body against a glass window trying to get out. It is insane to keep doing the same thing and expect the different result. It is really. Yet so many of us do this. Yes it is scary to try a different way. But you have nothing to lose. And happy life to gain.

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